About our churches


Welcome to St. Andrew's and St. Michael's.

As vicar of both these churches I would like to welcome you to our website where I hope that you will be able to discover much more about us, what we believe and how we are seeking to grow closer to God, one another and also our communities. Of course, websites can only tell you part of the story, so we'd love to meet you in person too and I hope that we'll have that opportunity very soon.

Best wishes,

Malcolm Ingham


Here’s what we aim for in our Fellowships:

To live for God in our daily lives and make him the focus of our services
To help and support one another in our daily and spiritual lives
To become more like Jesus through the work of the Holy Spirit as we open up God’s living Word
For each and every one of us to discover and put to use the gifts God has given us to bring him glory
To equip one another to reach out in a relevant way to those around us with the Good News of the Gospel
We believe that the Bible is God’s word and is therefore our authority in all matters of faith and conduct. Although we are an Anglican church, we warmly welcome Christians from any denomination as well as those who are simply exploring the Christian faith.
Here's what we believe - the wonderful, amazing good news of Jesus as presented in one of our favourite songs:
Something for everyone
Wonderfully we are all different and that means that we all have different preferences and different tastes. In our churches we hope that we are able to offer something to everyone, from Family Services and pre-schooler clubs to prayer meetings and Fellowship groups, from a Youth work and Children's church to the the more traditonal Book of Common Prayer Services.
We meet in 800 year old buildings and school or village halls, peoples homes and even visit London together or picnic at Wickstead Park. We sing the latest songs and turn to the richness of Hymns ancient and Modern, we rejoice and we take time to be silent.
God didn't make us all to all be the same so we celebrate our differences whilst worshipping the one true God. We hope that you will find a spiritual home amongst friends here.
After all, there is no one quite like you so we'd love to meet you!
Click here if you are thinking of visiting.