Thinking about visiting


Are you thinking about visiting one of our churches?

For specific arrangements during the Covid-19 pandemic, please see our FAQ page.

What do we believe?

Our overall aims can be found here, but we believe that the Bible is God's living Word, that through it the Holy Spirit reveals to us God's love and his holy anger at sin. We also find in His Word the amazing truth that God sent His one and only Son to live amongst us and to die for our sin so that we might be free from its penalty.

God then raised Jesus to new and eternal life where he now reigns at God's right hand and will one day return in glory to judge the world and herald the New Creation.

In the meantime God equips the Church - His people, with his Holy Spirit to take out the amazingly Good News of the Gospel. This won't be easy, but Jesus has promised to be with us until he returns.

We believe that in a broken and fallen world the Church holds out the best news for a society which is searching for love, hope and meaning in life.

If you would like to know what we believe the Christian Gospel (Good News) is, or explore it for yourself, then please visit "Two Ways to Live".

What goes on in your services?

We have a lot of different services, from informal Family Services to Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion. Each one is different and you can find the full pattern on the Sunday Service Times page.

How long do services last?

About an hour for non-Communion services and about an hour and a quarter for those that are.

Is it easy to follow the services?

Yes, most of our services use specific booklets so that there is no flicking through trying to find the right page. If we do use larger books then we always try to give page numbers.

What about children?

Children are welcome in any and all our services. We recognise that children have specific needs and so St. Andrew's, Alwalton has toilet facilities and refreshments. 

Children tend to make noise and we accept that as an esential part of being the family of God when we meet together, please don't worry about bringing little people into our services.

What should I wear?

Please come as you are, we don't expect "Sunday best" and would much rather that you were comfortable than "properly attired". We have folk who turn up in jeans, suits and everything in between.

What will it cost?

We don't charge, but we do take an offering in all services. This offering goes towards the work of the church as we seek to build one another up in our faith and reach out to our communities with the Gospel. Threre is no expectation that anyone will pay, so please give as much or as little as you feel comfortable and if you forget to bring anything with you at all, then please don't worry.

Are people friendly?