Fellowship Groups


How can I learn more about Christ
and get to know people better at this church?
Sometimes it can be easy to come along to church week by week, but still find it hard to feel as if you belong.
people chattingWe want you to know that you are part of our community from the moment you meet one of our members or step through our door, but still, Sunday mornings don’t give us much time to get to know one another, or to ask questions. That’s where Fellowship Groups come in.
Fellowship Groups meet around the parishes in people’s homes.
That means that over coffee (or tea, or a cold drink) different people can relax in each other’s company and get to know one another. Nothing strange goes on at Fellowship Groups, but here is what you can expect. When you arrive there is usually a coffee and a chance to catch up with other members (there are usually a dozen members in a fellowship group at most) and find out how everyone is.
After a while the leader introduces the study, this is a time when as a group you will look more closely at what the Bible tells us about God and living as a follower of Jesus.
Usually these studies follow a guide book which each member of the group has a copy of – don’t worry on your first week, you can still listen and join in if you want to.
However, you won’t be pressurised at any point into saying anything. If you prefer to just quietly listen to what everyone else is saying, that’s fine. If you want to ask a question too, then feel free.
At the end there will be a time for prayer. Again you won’t be expected or pressurised to say anything out loud, you can pray quietly in your heart, or just listen to others’ prayers. This is a time for members to share their needs or concerns with God.
So Fellowship Groups exist as safe environments where members can:
·         Support and care for one another
·         Grow in their knowledge and love of God
Where and when do
Fellowship Groups meet? 
Monday 7.30pm Mixed Group
at 9 Oundle Road, Alwalton
Mike Page 01733-371195
or  Colin Leary 01733-239572
Thursday 7.45pm Mixed Group
David Alvey 01780 740672