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Pre Just Walk Across the Room

1 Peter 3:15 2008 Verse

This is the talk on our verse for the year from Sunday 10th February 2008.

The Single Greatest Gift

Just Walk Across the Room Week 1 from Sunday 17th February 2008. You will also need the "God used You" PDF. Please print it out and trim down until you have a postcard.


What if evangelism really were as easy as taking a walk across the room?
Based on the introduction and chapters 1 – 2 of Just Walk Across the Room, the message for Week One asks you to consider the enormous kingdom impact Christfollowers could have if they would simply reach out a hand of friendship to people who don’t yet know God.

As Bill Hybels describes it, many Christians spend the vast majority of their lives clinging to safe, insular “Circles of Comfort” instead of looking outside the circle to really see the people they are called to impact. They huddle together with their “already-saved” friends and in doing so, deny God the opportunity to use them in the work of evangelism.
But Christ modeled a far different approach. In metaphorical terms, Christ left his own Circle of
— the warm, perfect fellowship of the Trinity
— in order to come to planet earth. He entered the uncertain and unfamiliar “Zone of the unknown” for the explicit purpose of enfolding wobbly and sinscarred people, just like you and me, with grace and love. And when his earthly ministry came to a close, Christ in essence said, “this walk-across-the room behavior is exactly what I want all of my followers to do in my place! Listen for the Spirit’s guidance. Leave your Circles of Comfort. Start walking toward the Zone of the Unknown. Reach out your hand, open your mouth, take the risk. And just see what my Father might do!”

It’s true: the single greatest gift Christ-followers can give to the people in their lives is an introduction to the God who created them, who loves them, and who has a purpose for their days. Use this week’s talk download to help inspire you that having eternal impact in someone’s life often originates with something as simple as a walk across the room.

The single greatest gift Christ-followers can give to the people in their lives is an introduction to the God who created them, who loves them, and who has a purpose for their days. This is what evangelism is: seizing opportunities to have eternal impact in someone’s life — opportunities that originate with a simple walk across the room.

Key Question
Ready to give the “single greatest gift” to someone today?

Supporting Points
• Be willing to enter the Zone of the Unknown
• Listen for the Spirit’s promptings
• Just walk!

God Used You to Help Point the Way!
Don't forget to mail your postcards to the people who took a walk across a room for you—
the walk that eventually led to you coming to faith in Christ.

Living in 3D

Deciding to “just walk” is one thing, but knowing what to do once you reach the destination — the person standing on the other side of the room — is quite another! Based on chapters 3 – 5 of Just Walk Across the Room, the message for Week Two: Living in 3D encourages Christ-followers to learn how to reach out to others effectively once they find themselves standing in the "Zone of the Unknown". Awkward first meetings can grow into transformational friendships by tuning into the Spirit and by choosing to “live in 3D”:
Developing friendships, Discovering stories, and Discerning next steps.

Too often, the trajectory Christians follow is that the longer they walk with Christ, the more isolated and insulated they become from the world they are called to reach. Instead of openly accepting and embracing people who are far from God, they snub their noses at anyone who isn’t already “in” the circle. Living in 3D, Christ-followers find that the mission
Jesus lived and died for can be fulfilled in their lives too as they reach out with the Singlr Greatest Gift to a world that desperately needs to know God’s care.

Effective, relationally based evangelism can only happen when Christ-followers are truly engaged in the lives of people around them. This means they choose to Develop friendships, Discover life stories, and Discern appropriate next steps based on the Holy Spirit’s promptings — in other words, live in “3D.”

Key Question
What do you do after you “just walk”?
• Develop friendships
• Discover stories
• Discern next steps

The Steps That Mattered to Me
Using the “Footprints” cards (available to download from this site) log three or four “next steps” that you took as you journeyed toward faith in Christ. Could you do that for someone else who is far away from God? Remember, it is not all down to you - conversion is the work of the Holy Spirit and your job may simply be to move someone from a -10 attitude to Christ to a -8 attitude. Play the part God is calling you to in the lives of others, be open to his promptings and aware that he may also his instruct you to slow down.

The Power of Story

What does it mean to talk like a walk-across-the-room person?
Do walk-across-the-room people communicate differently than others?

When sharing something as significant as God’s redemptive story, what are the “right” words to use? Is there a “right” way to tell your personal faith story?
Based on chapters 6 – 8 of Just Walk Across the Room, the message for Week Three: The Power of Story seeks to answer these essential questions and more.
If you’ve ever been in a conversation that turned spiritual and found yourself struggling to explain who God is and what he has done in your life, this message is for you!

Christ-followers often struggle to convey the heart of God’s redemptive activity and the “heart” of the before-and-after difference his intervention has made in their lives. They talk too much; they use fuzzy terminology; they drop four-syllable "Christianese” words on their listener; they speak in a manner that comes across as haughty, pious, or superior. Obviously, none of these approaches serves the cause of Christ very effectively.

We can do better.
The Power of Story reminds Christ-followers that there is supernatural strength inherent in words. And the words we choose to use when conveying God’s story and our faith stories can make or break an interaction with someone far from God. When we speak words of life, of light, of encouragement, of authenticity, and of grace, we leave the listener with a deep desire to know more of this God we know. Isn’t that the goal for us all?

Regardless of whether or not they are formally “gifted” in evangelism, all Christ-followers can be prepared to engage people in spiritual conversations and do what they can to point people toward faith in God. When conversations do take a spiritual turn, it is critical to know how to convey two stories with humility, clarity, and brevity: your own faith story, and God’s Good News story.

Key Question
Are you ready to communicate like a walk-across-the-room person? 

• Stories — and the words used to tell them are powerful!
• God has a story . . . learn to tell it well!
• YOU have a story . . . learn to tell it well!

Your Before and After
Send your 100-word or less “before-and-after” faith story to Malcolm to get a little feedback, remember you need to tell it with succinctness, clarity, humility, and simplicity.

Grander Vision Living

When Jesus Christ entered the scene more than two thousand years ago, he lived out this “Grander Vision” concept — prioritizing people above all else, seeking out potential in everyone he met, and taking action to draw them toward his Father. As he departed, he in essence said, “What I’ve done, I now want you to do! Abandon your lesser visions in favour of living life the way I intended . . . with one eye on me, one eye on the people I love, and a heart that beats fast for kingdom- building activity. Live in light of the reality
that the only things you can take to heaven are the people whose lives you touch! Throw your one and only life — all of your energies, your resources, your passion — into making a difference with people and you will one day say, ‘Now that was a life well-lived!’ ”

At its core, Grander Vision Living means allowing other pursuits to fall away in order to focus on the priority that is nearest to the heart of God. And when you choose to pursue the Grander Vision, you will be partnering with God in the most magnificent mission imaginable: finding what’s lost, restoring what’s broken, and reclaiming what’s his.

The invitation to live the Grander Vision has been extended to Christ-followers of all shapes and sizes, of all backgrounds and preferences. Now, a choice has to be made. The invitation is yours to accept or decline.

Key Question
Are you ready to live the Grander Vision?

It’s Time to Party!
Host a “Matthew Party” — a social occasion (it can be a party, a BBQ, a picnic, a cheese and wine evening, a coffee morning, whatever best suits your situation) where nonbelievers and believers can rub shoulders in hopes of something spiritual unfolding. It doesn't have to be extravagant or expensive and remember - God is in control.

Grander Vision Living

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The Single Greatest Gift

Living in 3D

God used you

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The next steps

The Power of Story